We constantly invest in high-end equipment

Over the period we have been in operation, the management has procured the best tools that will help in delivering the best services to our esteemed customers because we understand the value they play in our interactions. The industry has been filled with lots of fake machinery that make people have more health issues but with our qualified procurement managers, we have first grade equipment’s that help in diagnosing, and analyzing the state of a tooth hence making it possible for dentist before they give a prescription. Keridam Dental Clinic in Nairobi uses the best available technology that are used professionally for clients of all ages.At the clinic, we ensure that the hygiene of the customers comes first. With the technology that we use coupled with the experience our doctors have, we ensure that you can expect a comfortable experience when you come to the clinic.

Keridam Dental Clinic

Our experienced dentists have the required knowledge to help our clients make an effective decision about the health our customer’s teeth.

We believe in customer satisfaction since it helps them in building their confidence and increasing their self esteem. It also helps in increasing the company’s loyalty that translates in strong clientele base.

Keridam specializes in making individuals feel great at all times by making sure that their teeth are well taken care of.
If you aren’t happy with your smile, we can transform it for you – painlessly and quickly. Instead of spending months or years in braces, keridam can transform your smile with natural porcelain in just a few days.

What Keridam Looks for in a smile;
Have you ever looked in the mirror and felt that something just wasn’t quite right about your teeth or your smile? Many people are aware that something could be improved about their smile, but they can’t quite put their finger on it.

Our dentists are dental service providers who are self-driven towards meeting the customers intentions by providing timely and quality services.


Keridam clinical facilities are fully equipped with the most high end technology available in the field of dentistry.

Here is a list of the technologies available on our dental clinic:

Dental forceps
They are designed to the point where Dentists experience medical complications of their own on the carpal scale considering their hands are always placed in a certain awkward angle while they remove items from the patient’s mouth.

They are used to achieve a well condensed filling by compressing the filling material into the cavity and applying pressure.

Burnishers are used for polishing and contouring amalgam fillings and to polish composite fillings.

Dental laser
The use of a laser can decrease morbidity after surgery, and reduces the need for anesthetics.

Sickle Probe
This is primarily used to explore the pockets between teeth, while also scraping away tartar and plaque. .

Our dentists strives to achieve excellence in every aspect to make sure that all of our patients’ health issues are addressed.


“Had braces from them and worked perfectly. To the small tooth, maybe they did crowning to it.”Lydia Muthee

“Had the best experience with you guys, I’ll always come back.”Cathy Muringo

“The best dental service delivery,ln Kenya and beyond,for Dental Care,kindly Visit them at Nairobi CBD,Thanks for ur excellent! PR TO Clients!”Lenny Langat

“Dr Rachel n her team from keridam dental clinic,thank you for making me smile again at this age,never to late everyone visit keridam for better n high quality services.”Ann Graceous Kimutai



Don't wait until your teeth are completely decayed or the pain is unbearable.



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