Scaling and Polishing

Polishing and scaling is a thorough procedure to clean and remove all traces of plaque and tartar in your mouth, both the visible part above the gums and just under the gums where the toothbrush is unable to reach. Despite regular and proper dental habits, bacteria and plaque may still lurk in places which you cannot see with your naked eye. Scaling is used to remove the hard tartar, plaque, bacteria toxins and calculus (the white or yellow hard deposits that accumulate on your teeth) from the surfaces below the gum line which cannot be removed by simply brushing your teeth.

The polishing process helps to clean away stains from your teeth which are usually caused by coffee, tea or red wine. Polishing will also leave your teeth smooth and shiny.

For patients with gum disease, a deeper scaling procedure, known as root planing, will be required to clean around the roots of the teeth. Depending on severity, our dentist may discuss the option of using a local anesthetic, so that the root planing process will feel less sensitive and uncomfortable.

It is important to have regular polishing and scaling to help maintain health teeth and gums and it will make it easier to clean your teeth at home. After the thorough cleaning process, your teeth will look and feel different.

Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth is a sign of gum disease and you should visit  your doctor as soon as possible so you can be examined and get regular scaling to prevent to prevent the gum from worsening. This is the best way to prevent bad breath which is caused by gum diseases.

Our teeth become stained over time due to various food and also bacterial action. Other than stains,calculus develops due to food debris in the mouth and the build-up of calculus can cause gum swelling and infection.Scaling is done to remove calculus while polishing is to clean stains on tooth.This procedure helps keep the gum-tooth interface clean and healthy,reducing the possibility of gum disease, swelling and bleeding.We offer a scaling and root planning advice to our patients by first examining your mouth and teeth and later using our state of art Ultrasonic equipment is to eliminate the plaque and bacteria. Our experts have knowledge that helps in knowing the correct procedure used during the scaling process. Scaling been the critical part in tooth handling, we ensure that our patients are well prepared psychologically and physically to make them feel comfortable and relaxed as we offer our services to them.



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