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Keridam Dental Clinic Motto

Expand Service Portfolio

We will strategically expand our service offerings to address evolving patient needs while maintaining financial viability. This includes introducing unique specialized services.

Embrase Technology

We are committed to leveraging technological advancements to enhance the value of our diagnostic services and provide patients with the latest healthcare solutions.

Cultivate a Safe and Supportive Environment

We prioritize the well-being of our patients, staff, and visitors by fostering a safe and therapeutic environment.

Drive Patient and Partner Satisfaction

We are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our patients, employees, and visiting medical professionals by consistently delivering exceptional service.

Forge strategic Partnership

We aim to establish long-term, collaborative relationships with public and private healthcare facilities and centers for mutual benefit.

Achieve Operational Excellence

We are committed to achieving key performance indicators related to clinical care, financial performance, and human resource management.

Trust Us

Keep Improving Our Hospital

Keridam specializes in making individuals feel great at all times by making sure that their teeth are well taken care of.
If you aren’t happy with your smile, we can transform it for you – painlessly and quickly. Instead of spending months or years in braces, keridam can transform your smile with natural porcelain in just a few days.

Welcome to Keridam Dental


The clinic boasts a dedicated team of twenty employees and three support staff members who are committed to providing top-tier services. Leveraging the expertise of highly qualified dental specialists and state-of-the-art digital technology, including digital health record software and modern dental units, Keridam Dental Clinic ensures the delivery of cutting-edge dental care. Additionally, the in-house modern dental lab, and Dental X-ray imaging services (OPG) offered by qualified dental technicians and radiographers, further enhances the quality of services

We are deeply committed to our patients’ well-being, treating them with compassion and understanding

We hold all our stakeholders, including patients, employees, and partners, in high regard, fostering a respectful and inclusive environment.

We conduct our operations with transparency and
professionalism, earning the trust of those we serve

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional service, guided by the principles of ethics, excellence, and empowerment. Our approach fosters empathy and a high-energy work environment.

We go beyond clinical expertise to provide personal care, adding the human touch to every interaction

Our highly skilled professionals are dedicated to understanding and exceeding patient expectations.

Jazmine Eva
Jazmine Eva
Has the best services and also very kind to customers....trust them to brighten your smile😃
Janet Thirindj
Janet Thirindj
I got the best treatment, good customer service and good dental service, am glad I visited the place for braces
Hi Keridam, Thank you for the assistance 😊, my veneers have made me smile with pride. You guys are the 👌 best, very friendly.
Tracie kagwi
Tracie kagwi
I have my Braces from here, Most accommodating Dental clinic ever, clean, amazing team,friendly. Anyone in need of the best braces service and follow up this is the place to go👌
Sir. Muniu
Sir. Muniu
Met very friendly and kind staff. I recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for specialized dental treatment. Did my replacement there and it's perfect. No complaints so far.
Brian Wamukota
Brian Wamukota
The best dental clinic ever. Very good reception and very good doctor's.

Why Choose Keridam Dental Clinic

Relaxing Atmosphere

We understand that dental visits can cause anxiety. Our clinic features a calming aesthetic, comfortable amenities (including dust-free air conditioning), and friendly staff to create a positive experience.

Personalized Care

We prioritize building strong relationships with our patients. We offer personalized service and conduct regular follow-ups to gather feedback and ensure your satisfaction.

Unmatched Convinience

We strategically locate our clinics to provide easy access for all. We strive to accommodate busy schedules with flexible appointment options.

Unwavering Quality

We are dedicated to exceeding patient expectations. We invest in the latest technology, maintain rigorous hygiene standards, and adhere to the highest ethical principles to ensure the best possible care

Comprehensive Expertize

Our team of qualified professionals includes orthodontists, dental surgeons, radiographers, and pediatric dentists, allowing us to address a wide range of dental needs.

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